Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Removing Kit

June 29, 2013 - Comment

Dr. Scholl’s® Freeze Away® is an OTC freezing treatment similar to the one used by doctors; removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment, box of 7 treatments. Product Features Powerful method works weeks Doctor preferred method Removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment 7 Treatments Famous Words of Inspiration… Powered By

Dr. Scholl’s® Freeze Away® is an OTC freezing treatment similar to the one used by doctors; removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment, box of 7 treatments.

Product Features

  • Powerful method works weeks
  • Doctor preferred method
  • Removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment
  • 7 Treatments

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kone "kone" says:

Freezing Warts Can be an Effective Therapy Dr. Scholl’s Freeze away is a new over-the-counter means to treat warts. In the past, only an MD could use liquid nitrogen in the treatment of warts. Now the consumer can use the same technology to treat warts at home. At around 20 dollars for a kit (that has 12 treatment applicators), this is a quick and relatively inexpensive means to treat warts. A typical doctor’s office co-pay is around 20 – 25 dollars, so this kit is as cost-effective as a doctor’s visit, without the hassle of having to go the doctor. I have treated several warts at home with this system with mixed results. Some warts have been eliminated with one treatment (the wart sheds in about 2 weeks). Other warts have been more resistant to treatment and have required multiple treatments, the treatments being 2-3 weeks apart.In using this system, I have found some treatment tips I would like to share. First, I think it is essential to cut off the top surface of the wart as much as possible. This thins…

Chris Jackson says:

Works well, but you don’t need/want the second step I fought with warts as a kid and had them successfully frozen off by a dermatologist. Now I’m thirty and it would seem that I have caught a new set of warts on the back of my hand. I went to the dermatologist to have them frozen off but she wouldn’t freeze deep enough and after I healed up the warts came back, literally waiting under the scabs, very frustrating. So I bought this new freeze away, and was able to let it go deep enough to kill the warts. It works, but beware, the second step liquid, it turns scaly white and does not come off, at all! So if you are concerned about appearance, especially women/girls, just stick with the freezing part, it works well enough by itself. I also found that the first time you activate the tip (i.e. freeze it) it doesn’t really freeze well, you’ll probably have to give it another shot of cold and then it will really work, it should sting and immediately frost the skin right around it. If not, you didn’t get it cold enough. Make sure you…

V. Orcutt says:

Not just for warts I initially bought this for getting rid of skin tags. After three treatments on the same one, it’s still there, although it does look a bit smaller.What it DID work on was a seborrheic keratosis on my shoulder. Again, it took three separate treatments, but I’m happy to say that it finally fell off the other day and the skin around it is mildly red but doesn’t look scarred…i.e. I think it will heal up just fine.As the first person stated, it does sting a bit, and I would recommend having someone else do the freezing if you’re not into inflicting unpleasant sensations upon yourself, or if the spot you want to freeze is in an awkward place.

Reza says:

I’ve had a couple warts on my figenr on occasion and have had a plantar wart on the bottom of each foot. This product is definitely the best.My first wart The first time I had a wart removed was on my ring figenr. I was working as a laborer and had what I thought was a blister; i played with it, it got bigger. I even cut it off with a ginsu knife which for obvious reasons did not work. The dermatologist froze it and it actually made the wart shrink up and disappear which has never happened since then.Regular Wart I did use the freezing which kind of shrunk it from me pressing down on it but it was just as big the following day. I used the liquid. The liquid is awesome. Other brands liquid is like rubber cement. You’ll use it for a couple days then the contents of the bottle will literally be like rubber cement with liquid inside the cement which you have to press to break and it makes a mess getting it on the wart but also on regular areas.The liquid in this dr. scholls kit is not like that. Even the applicator is great; its plastic which is a lot better than the brush ones which get the rubber cement all caked up and have to be wiped off. The plastic applicator avoids this and the liquid is quality. I wouldn’t recommend leaving the bottle open forever b/c it can still all dry out but it’s longer lasting than the rip-off stand alone liquid that compound w has where you can have half your bottle solidified in no time.You put the liquid on the wart several times a day. The first day most will wash off. After a day or two the wart will start to become white. Continue putting liquid on top of the dried liquid a few times a day; it will almost look like you’ve put a cocoon of this liquid on it. Keep doing it. The harder it gets the closer you are. Peel up the edges to see if you’re getting there; if it hurts or is tender you still have a few more days to go. It’ll be rock hard, you’ll be able to rip it off wart and all. This will leave the root exposed. Start the process again, though it won’t be as long until it hardens and you’re able to tear it off with minimal pain. Wart gone.Plantar warts which are found just under the skin on the bottom of your foot are tricky. It is recommended that you do treatments after showering as the steam/heat makes the plantar wart, which looks like a big bubble under the surface be more easily recognizable. You can use the freezer to start with but this is another one where the liquid will give you the better/quicker result. You may have to buy another liquid/freeze kit which i know is a waste but the kind of liquid in this kit is not sold by itself curiously. Just like with regular warts it will start to harden, put the liquid over the previous days hardened liquid. You will begin to peel the edges; if you feel like it will bleed if you try to dig at it you’re not there yet. A few more days and your will begin to pull up the edges which will pull up and out the plantar wart. This exposes the root. Start the process again and this time when it hardens you will have the root removed.I hope this review is informative. I have a tiny wart on my index figenr and am using compound w b/c they didn’t have this one in the store i was shopping in and the wart is tiny. I am already at the point where the bottle has become mostly rubber cement and i’m putting the brush across the wart and no liquid is transferring which is really annoying.I can say with all confidence that this kit is the best for removing warts b/c of the liquid that comes in this kit and the awesome plastic applicator that doesn’t need to be wiped off or anything like the brush ones.

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